Destination Simple

Making and Maintaining Life Changes

August 24, 2023 Suzanne & Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 5
Destination Simple
Making and Maintaining Life Changes
Show Notes

Our conversation is launched from this blog post: Making and Maintaining Life Changes. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

·         Learn to listen to your body and mind to meet your needs.

·         We tend to not stop until change is forced upon us. 

·         How to break away from the expectations of society to do what’s right for you.

·         Giving yourself permission to simplify. 

·         Realizing what’s right for you at the core. 

·         Is there overwhelm in the options to simplify your life?

·         When making changes affects your friends and family.

·         Intentionality around food. 

·         Deciding where to make changes.

·         Intentionality in your home. 

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