Destination Simple

When Highs Trigger Lows

August 10, 2023 Suzanne & Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 4
Destination Simple
When Highs Trigger Lows
Show Notes

This episode is based on a personal essay written by Suzanne for her newsletter community. In this newsletter Suzanne explores a recent low point she experienced after a particular exhilarating high she’d been on while in the early development of this podcast. 

·         Getting permission to reflect on your life.

·         How watching a sad moment on TV triggered a necessary emotional release.

·         Exploring guidance from Suzanne’s performance coach: *few* *significant* *thorough*

·         Creating a simple life is work.

·         How Suzanne dealt with the overwhelm of planning Christmas dinner this past year.

·         There are always options. It’s okay to venture outside the box. 

·         You don’t have to and you don’t have to explain yourself. 

·         Suzanne’s a crafter at heart. How she fits in crafting while being a minimalist home. 

·         Exploring collaboration with and support from others. 

·         What’s an energetic hangover?

·         How to be in the moment.

·         Elizabeth talks about rage weeding her garden. 

·         What’s helpful when we know our energy cycles?

Suzanne mentions her performance coach Lesley from Waypoint Coaching, you can learn more about Lesley’s services here:

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