Destination Simple

Creating Intentional Friendships

July 27, 2023 Suzanne & Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 3
Destination Simple
Creating Intentional Friendships
Show Notes

In this episode Elizabeth and Suzanne discuss being intentional as a friend and look at both the giving and receiving end of being a good friend. 

Topics in this episode:

  • What are the important relationships in our lives?
  • Ideas about being an intentional friend.
  • Elizabeth and Suzanne are both introverts, and the challenges that brings to developing friendships.
  • How our own friendship has evolved over time.
  • Habitual patterns and when to set boundaries with a friend. 
  • Trying new things creates fresh memories. 

Link to Suzanne's Intentional Friendships blog post.  

Link to Suzanne's blog about Date-A-Month ideas mentioned in this episode. 

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