Destination Simple

Challenging Our Routines

July 13, 2023 Suzanne & Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 2
Destination Simple
Challenging Our Routines
Show Notes

In this episode we discuss challenging our routines. Using a personal essay from Suzanne’s email community newsletter as a launch point for their discussion, Suzanne talks about making her morning routine work for her even though it may go against the grain of societies expectations. This episode is all about making your routines work for you, regardless of what others think.

Topics covered: 

·         Procrastination can be a result of poor routine. 
·         How to identify what areas of your life may need some constructive thought. 
·         Listening to your needs. 
·         What to do in the immediate moment when you’re flustered, stressed, overwhelmed.
·         Kids are also affected by stressful chaotic routines. 
·         Recognizing outside pressures that we perceive are expectations on us and how to overcome them.

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